RepliGut™ A stem cell-derived platform that recreates the human small intestine and colonic epithelium for compound screening and microbiome research.

Altis Biosystems’ goal is to reduce the time and cost of drug discovery with a platform that more accurately reflects native human biology, as well as to reduce the need for animal testing.


Reproducible and Scalable Technology

Enables numerous assays on primary human gut epithelium such as permeability, transport, toxicity, gene expression, protein expression, high-content imaging and more.

Multiple Donor Biobank

Allows customer to choose regional specificity of the small intestine and colon from donors of different demographic backgrounds.

High-throughput and Conventional
Well-Plate Formats

Transwell inserts allow for multiple treatments on each plate and side-specific (apical or basal) testing.

Altis Platform

RepliGut is a unique, human stem cell-derived platform that recreates the intestinal epithelium in a continuous layer of stem and differentiated cells. Focus applications include: preclinical studies for compound screening, investigating the effects of diseases, and microbiome research.

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“We consider our platforms to be the next generation in compound screening.”